What is Placenta Encapsulation and how does it help?

Placenta Encapsulation is a way to ingest your placenta through capsules!

Did you know 80% of women experience some degree of mood instability after giving

Ingesting your placenta has a wide variety of benefits reported by MANY women who have encapsulated.

Benefits reported:

  • Increase in energy and mood almost immediately after the start of taking capsules
  • Increase in breast milk
  • Decrease in baby blues
  • Decrease in postpartum depression
  • Uterus contacting down to size faster
  • Overall feeling like yourself and back to normal sooner

How to get started:

While you are still pregnant, I like to set up a time to meet in person and go over the process, any services you would like to add on in addition to placenta encapsulation, total cost, filling out a couple of forms and answer any questions you may have.

Are you having your baby in the hospital and are you worried about the hospital not releasing your

No worries! The hospital will have you sign a release form so make sure you mention it well in advance that you want to keep your placenta. I will leave a cooler with you for you to take your placenta home with. Make sure your placenta is kept cold on transit to your home and put it in your fridge as soon as you get there.

What to do after giving birth:

Give me a call once you get home with your placenta and we will schedule a time for me to come over to your home and start working. I will stay out of your space and will mainly just be in the kitchen so no need to worry about me interrupting bonding time with new baby. Of course you are more than welcome to come look at what I’m doing and ask any questions.

What happens after I come over:

During the process it generally takes two hours to prepare your placenta and get it to the dehydrator. I clean up and leave your kitchen looking flawless! I will leave it over night in the dehydrator. I come back the next day to finish my process and get your capsules prepared for completion which takes about an hour. You will be receiving your capsules within 24-48 hours. The jar they come in will have dosage suggestions right on the label and keep them refrigerated!

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