Placenta Encapsulation is a way to ingest your placenta through capsules!

Did you know 80% of women experience some degree of mood instability after giving birth? Ingesting your placenta has a wide variety of benefits reported by MANY women who have encapsulated.

Benefits Reported:

  • Increase in energy and mood almost immediately after the start of taking capsules
  • Increase in breast milk
  • Decrease in baby blues
  • Decrease in postpartum depression
  • Uterus contacting down to size faster
  • Overall feeling like yourself and back to normal sooner

While you are still pregnant, I like to set up a time to meet in person and go over the process, any services you would like to add on in addition to placenta encapsulation, total cost, filling out a couple of forms and answer any questions you may have.

I provide my services in your home so you can be certain it is your placenta and know the steps I’m taking to prepare your placenta is in a sanitized clean environment. I clean and sanitize your kitchen area before and after I am done.

My placenta encapsulation service is $200. Additional services are available as well.

I do accept payment installments. I expect the payment in full once your capsules are completed. We will discuss and come up with a plan that works for both parties.

I accept cash and PayPal. If paying by PayPal, I will email you an invoice.

It depends on the size of your placenta! They come in all different sizes but expect to receive between 90-200 capsules. Don’t worry if you have less than more, you will always have enough to cover your immediate postpartum recovery.

YES YOU CAN! I prepare your placenta via TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) with STEAMING first before dehydrating. This heats your placenta up enough to kill off any potential pathogenic bacteria as you would any other meat per FDA standard recommendations.

With a stove fan, you would barely smell a thing, and it doesn't smell any worse than cooking any other meat. In fact, I usually add ginger to the steam process which helps anyway!