My name is Octavia Dulee-Kinsolving

I had my daughter in 2016 and I too..consumed my placenta via Placenta Encapsulation. It made me feel good..scratch that, it made me feel great! I was so intrigued by it that I decided to get the education to do it myself! I am now a Placenta Encapsulation specialist thanks to

I have the right education to help you! I want to help you to overcome those postpartum blues right after having that precious bundle of joy. I want to help you fight that postpartum depression. I want to help you recover faster and feel so much better after childbirth, because after all, your body is going to be going through a serious hormonal transition!

Let's get some of those hormones back in your body that you lose during childbirth! Let's help you have better lactation to supply the ultimate nutrients to your baby.

These aren't just ordinary capsules, these are amazing in every single way! Your placenta is your connection to your baby all throughout pregnancy! It supplies your precious bundle with everything they need! The best part is turning it into pill form so it just like any other vitamin or herb. I mean, your body made it, and it came from your body.

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I'm happy to answer any and all questions you have about the process of Placenta Encapsulation and how it can help you! Don't worry, we'll keep your info to ourselves...none of your information will ever be shared, traded or sold. And if email and contact forms just aren't your thing give me a call at (503) 312-1344.